Christmas the untold story

The Christmas story isn’t just one story.  

It’s a number of stories-within-a-story.

It’s a War Story

Christmas is a story of invasion and conquest, the beginning of the end of the Great War between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness.  Bethlehem is the beachhead for God’s campaign to regain the territory lost in the battle against sin and evil.

It’s a Justice Story

The Christmas story is God personally taking-up the plight of people who are impoverished and oppressed, and Christmas calls on us to do the same.

It’s a Love Story

Christmas is the story of the greatest love relationship of all time, the love between the Father and the Son, and how that love overflows into love for us.

It’s a Never-Ending Story

Christmas is the story of the very first “God with us” and how that began something entirely new in the history of God’s relationship with humanity: God’s Spirit being born within human beings like never before.  And that would never end for all of eternity, and calls us out of ourselves and into God’s mission of helping everyone become part of the never-ending story.

Join us starting Sunday December 2nd. @10:15, and invite a friend this Christmas as we explore for all of Hampton these often untold stories of the meaning/implications of the birth of Jesus.